Thursday, December 11, 2008

Huge Storm.

How high's the water, Mama? Y'all have a look at this thing: one of the largest storms we've seen in the brief yearish history of ANYLF, one that's supposed to put down better than a foot of snow from Binghamton northward through Maine, and one that snowed several inches in and north of New Orleans, Louisiana. Here it's not so exciting as all that, though we're sporting May-like temperatures and May-like rainfall, an inch and a half so far and maybe another inch on the way, depending upon how long all this holds together. We have not had the severe storms here that the fancies wanted to give us a fair shot at through midday, but we have seen a damn lot of rain. Just trekked out through the back yard, and from the feel of things, the ground's about as full as it can get, so much more of this and I'd say we'd see ye olde low-lying areas up on the crawl of the local weather report of your choice. Streams and creeks. We're working on a very local flood here at 1303 as the water backs up behind our piles of leaves out in the street: sorry, passers-by. I mistimed LeafTruck 08 by a few days.

The porch lamp's been on all day. The kitchen-windowed Christmas cactus is about to bloom. A few crows are set up in the side yard, complaining. It's going to be hard to learn how the light works at the new place. I've only just now got it figured out here.

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