Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little Rain.

We missed yesterday, friends and fans of weather, so a brief recap: It was warm and windy and overcast and sort of abidingly humid. Today it's cooler, and we've got actual rain to go with it, instead of just the smell of rain. I'd still have to say we're having springlike conditions, however, even if we are now more sort of tearing a page out of March instead of April or May. We're having all the months here in December so far. What's left, I guess, is a long sunny September afternoon. Maybe we'll get that on Christmas day.

Life at 1303 is feeling a little harried. We're showing the house almost every day. No offers yet. We need someone who really, really likes built-in shelves. Come on, people with books. Or maybe people with a kid who has 7 trillion Hot Wheels, all of them in want of display. Open floor plan. That's what we've got. We need people who won't mind seeing each other.

This little burst of rain is about the only thing that's going on this far south (of this part of this storm; more back towards Atlanta and Montgomery). Just the tail of an outlying front dragging itself through the Piedmont. I like it. I feel chosen. Good for the pansies. Good for a long morning full of coffee. Probably time to stop looking out the window, though. Probably time to get back to work.

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Luke said...

I'm all up in your world, Perry.

Good luck with the house showing.