Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday School.

Good rain out east, but only a trace here. Cold day. Heavy clouds. Feels like we just missed on snow or ice. Now all I want is a nap. Or seven days off in a row. Instead, conferences today, conferences tomorrow, back to class on Monday and Tuesday. Then things ease up. Then there are only conferences, conferences, conferences. You wrote on my story that I needed more plot, they say. You wrote that something more should be happening. Does that mean I should have more plot, and that more things should happen? Yes, I say. Don't have any spaceships or vampires, but it would be nice if your character would do something other than sit in her kitchen and think. Perhaps the water heater could break, I say. Perhaps the neighbor could ring the doorbell.

Oh, they say.

Great, I say, and then they say, Great, and then it's all over, and then somebody else comes in. And those are the good ones. The bad ones go something along the lines of me saying how Yes, in fact, it really would be nice if this was about anything at all.

Oh, they say.

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