Sunday, December 14, 2008

Security Blanket.

It's gray and cool, but I wouldn't say it's gray and cold. If you left the house without a coat you'd be OK. If you cleared out in twenty minutes after the real estate fancies called and said, Can we show your house in twenty minutes? and you left without a hat, you'd be sad, but OK. When I was a kid I carried a knit monkey with me everywhere. Everywhere. I'm no different now. It's just that it's fleece hats now. I'm half the man I used to be without my hat.

Little drizzle coming down here at the Friendly Center. ANYLF is reporting live from one of them chain-type coffee shops. There's a sort of studious misery on display in here. A beany, sad, flashcard-making desperation at work. Kneebone connected to the. That kind of thing. Gotta study. Gotta memorize. Gotta order a Campfire Mocha. Or a Hot Apple Blast. Or, God save you, a cup of coffee.

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