Sunday, May 11, 2008

Another Round.

Tornadoes all over the south again, and even in North Carolina again, or so said Lanie Pope over at WXII this evening. She's fancy and all, but I still trust her. She seems calm. Even if there's a tornado on the ground in Clemmons, she's calm.

The difference between the NC tornado on-camera interviews and the AR on-camera interviews: Here, in NC, the bewildered people look into the camera and say Sounded like a train and We were just sitting there when. The Arkansas folks say This one was different than the others. There wasn't as much debris in the funnel.

We — here in 27408 and surrounding environs — know this kind of thing happens, and we know it occasionally happens to us. In Arkansas, though, in Missouri, in certain parts of Alabama — in places that are not here, people look gamely into the camera and distinguish this one from that one. This week's tornado is different from last week's. I drove out west a couple of times. They advertised for weather radios at gas stations. Milk, $1.99. Weather radios, $19. We here live a fairly charmed life half-snugged up against these mountains.

This has been a busy hundred hours for the fancies. It's cool and clear here tonight after a day that threatened violence but in the end just thundered some. Rained some. Next best chance of the Live In The WeatherCenter Jamboree: Wednesday into Thursday. Good rain out of these past few days. We were lucky. I've never seen a tornado, and I know we were lucky. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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