Friday, May 9, 2008

Greensboro Tornadoes.

It looked like we'd come through the worst of it — like the storm that was the trouble storm was down to our south and east, and headed away — but right around 11:30 the wind really picked up and we caught the very bottom end of that western line and there were, the fancies think, two tornadoes that touched down along basically the same path out by the airport. At 1303 all we got was a good rain and enough wind to make me take a close look at the linen closet to see how hard it'd be to pull the wire shelves out of there and stuff the animals and the two of us inside. The storm tracked on by to our north, though, up toward the reservoirs.

One of the storms took out buildings at the Farmer's Market. Several of those industrial buildings out that way are badly damaged. Cars and trucks blown off the interstate. A parked plane blown off the runway. One fatality. NOAA is reporting 90 mph winds at PTI. In 27408 we didn't even really have any leaves in the streets. No branches down. No nothing.

The dog was deeply worried at about 10 — during that first storm — but when those winds picked up again late, she didn't even lift her head up off the sofa. That's how we knew we didn't have to worry about dumping all the towels and sheets out into the hallway. You can have your fancy new hi-def doppler radar. The dog knows. The dog always knows.

Still windy today: the back end of that big low. Everything we've got outside is where we left it. We were lucky. Most of the rain and none of the catastrophe. Sunny today and tomorrow. Storms again on Sunday. The fancies get a couple days to rest before they've got to break out their storm tracks and rainfall rates and wind speeds and hail sizes again.

Somebody on one of the stations last night was reporting wind speed in knots.

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