Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blue Head.

So, friends and fans, the bulk of it rode out and by overnight, but there's a little line firing up just north of 27408 and general points surrounding, and the sun's out some here in 27244 — I am, again, out here in 27244 — at any rate, the sun is breaking through, and what that means is that we could well bubble something serious up. Danville looks to be either in the thick of fiasco, or just on the other side of it. Back behind the Danville cell(s) there's a second smaller little thing that seems to be dropping down a bit further, slightly towards Winston and perhaps Greensboro and perhaps Sedalia and Whitsett and maybe Elon.

We can make no prediction here at ANYLF except to say: Could be something; don't know what. An old JG saw. Then he'd of course pick up this big blue ceramic head, pull his shirt up over his own head, perch the ceramic bust on top of all that, and run around the house hollering Oh my god, my head is blue! Then he'd turn the blue head from side to side. What's that? the head would ask. What's that?

Keep an eye on the northern sky out there. Looks like it's sliding by. But it could still be something. And hell: there could be something more behind that.


Kathryn Frances Walker said...

oh the blue head.

Drew Perry said...

did it rain at your place? poured and hailed in 27244. nothing in the rain gauge back home here. i graded papers in lawn chairs in the breezeway. lightning stuck somewhere on campus. i felt like a fool, but i sat out there anyway. that metal smell of thunderstorms.