Monday, May 19, 2008

Late Forecast.

Some of the fancies want rain overnight and/or tomorrow morning. Some do not. Stationary front stalled out — quel surprise — to our south, right along the NC/SC border, give or take. Rain, or some odd nighttime radar reflection, just off to our north. I don't think I quite believe it. I put in begonias out front based on the earlier forecasts — 60% into tomorrow — but there just wasn't anything on the radar all day, and there still really isn't. I can see the moon from the WeatherDeck. I'm going to have to water in the morning.

Folks, I think we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds, and even though I can't quite rule out the possibility of a shower, I think tomorrow's big weather event is going to be wind.

I was in a two-hour meeting today: Windowless room, ship of fools. On Saturday I get to hang the Do Not Disturb on my school email for the summer. Five days. Five days and counting.

I re-sited the ANYLF rain gauge. Moved it to the edge of the flower garden. It had been in the middle. Big changes everywhere. Big. Bold prediction: I think we're going to fall short of our May average for rainfall. That drought's still sneaking around the edges out there. Don't let all this verdant whatnot fool you. We're still in trouble. We're still in trouble, and summer's coming. Five days.

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