Thursday, May 29, 2008

Last One.

I mean, surely there will be one more, some odd mid- or late-June evening, or some mistimed lottery-winning early-August fall preview, but it feels like tonight was the last good night. Cool. It was cool all day, and then this evening at the Bats game — though they're no longer called the Bats — it cooled off all through sunset and into the late innings and there was a breeze out of the north and even somehow the east and I had with me a flannel shirt that I did not need but it was nice, friends and fans of weather, just to know that it made sense to have brought it, that the just-in-case wasn't so far afield that I looked or felt like a dumbass, even as I was sporting my brand-new dumbass Bats-cum-Hoppers orange cap. The Hoppers. They named the team the Grasshoppers when they moved them to their new stadium, and then they couldn't even stick with that. There used to be a guy at the old stadium who would sit high in the concrete bleachers and say-shout in this low Minnesota accent Let's Go Bats. Go Bats Go. Our new Disneyfied stadium allows for no such support. I miss the old. I hate change. Tonight was the last good night.

Your final score: West Virginia Power (motto: Get Plugged In!) 4, Bats 3. We'll be back with scores and highlights from around the league right after these messages.

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