Saturday, May 3, 2008

Evening Forecast.

I am not going to promise rain, but there is a fairly serious wind, there are clouds building in out of the west and south, and there is a line of storms that's admittedly falling apart as it crosses the mountains, but that's what lines of storms do. Also, that line extends well below the mountains, and so what I'm saying is that we could very well pick something up out of the southwest, out of, say, Charlotte or thereabouts, something worth paying some attention to. The fancies aren't wanting anything severe. I'm not either. Not one of the ANYLF models has anything severe for this evening. ANYLF is officially calling for gray and windy and occasional thunder. Let's say a quarterish inch of rain, if it rains. Maybe a half. All of this later on.

Tomatoes in along the front trellis: Yellow pear, cherry, three others that ought to grant us something larger. Heirlooms. Soil so soft I dug the holes with my hands. Smell of tomato foliage. Important to love that smell. Important to remember it.

Lunch from the market: Greens, radishes. Basil. Broccoli. Goat cheese. A little salad. The idea of it all morning long.

The robins' eyes are open today.

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