Thursday, May 8, 2008

Storms Coming.

Looked like it all morning — like rain — but then when it cleared off and heated up you almost knew this was what we were in for. Or half-hoped. The radish seeds need it. If we hadn't started to break the drought I might not have bought into it, but here it comes all the same and either way, a little cell rolling in from our southeast and then a huge line dropping tornadoes down back to our west, near Boonville and Elkin and Dobson and Pilot Mountain and Rural Hall. Tornado watch here in 27408 and all across the middle of the state. Severe thunderstorm warning with this current cell. Dog panting in the way that you know she knows. And now the rain's just starting up out in the yard.

The fancies are all over this on the T and V. We just had a tornado touch down in SE Guilford. Headed maybe toward Elon and Burlington. Hang on, robins and grackles. Hang on, Wentworth and Stokesdale and Eden and Price. Hang on, Pleasant Garden.

Interior rooms. Low-lying areas. SuperDoppler. StormTracker. All this one kind of litany.

Most of these watches run until 1 a.m. That western line might miss us here, but there's more behind even that. Could be a noisy evening. For god's sake don't keep it tuned here. Or keep it tuned here and also somewhere else. Get thee near a weather radio. Flip on the local fancy of your choice. Check back once you're in the clear.


Kathryn Frances Walker said...

dang, weatherhead, did you hear the winds last night? they ripped through our house.

Drew Perry said...

weatherhead. i do like that.