Friday, May 23, 2008

Graduation Forecast.

We're getting a little breeze out of the south. Tomorrow's graduation day, and the fancies want storms and showers right around 9 am. I can't tell where the rain would be coming from, though there are little disturbances sort of everywhere but here. It appears to be raining like all hell in Georgia. Rain, too, in Virginia. Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky: The ANYLF BestGuess Forecast says it'll either come from the north or south. Or the west. We're all kinds of fancy our own selves over here at ANYLF, and no, KFW, we're not hanging up our cleats. Just whiny from time to time.

In a move that warms the entire staff over here at ANYLF right to the core, the 27244 folks are already sending out rain plans for tomorrow morning — which buildings which faculty will babysit which parents in — but they're also saying, in effect, to keep it tuned there: If they can wait a few minutes for a passing shower to pass, say the nearly frantic emails, then they will. Big weather day out at the college. Big day to be In Charge. Confession: I am vaguely, vaguely jealous. I'd love to be the guy who says, weather-wise, whether or not it's time to strive.

South and west. It's a copout, but forecasts are required in weather— and since it's graduation, we let the interns call it, and they said probably out of the southwest. They also said probably it will rain a little right around nine, but that graduation — outdoor graduation — will somehow happen anyway. Lots of staff with lots of towels wiping down lots of chairs tomorrow morning. Lots of keeping an eye to the sky. Lots of radar. I think they have some kind of phone-in arrangement with one of the local TV outfits. I love that, too. It'd be pretty outstanding to get the SuperDoppler info direct from the source.

It's summer, by the by, for those of you just tuning in. The dog slept under the bed this morning. We have mosquitoes. The Japanese Magnolia is rattling seed pods down onto the deck. Three good signs right there. That/those and weather coming from, if that's where in fact it's coming from, our south and west. Patterns changing. Kids being sent off into their futures and being told to reach for whatever it is they're meant to reach for. Some VP for something at Paramount is our speaker tomorrow. Don't let the credits roll on your dreams out there, students. Make sure to cast yourself in the starring role of your own life.

Here's hoping it doesn't rain. Or here's hoping it does.

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