Thursday, June 5, 2008


We're having a CODE ORANGE AIR QUALITY ALERT FOR OZONE. ANYLF heartily recommends the AIRNow website, courtesy of your tax dollars hard at scientific work, and doubly recommends the NAQS, or National Air Quality Summary. Oh, acronyms and abbreviations. In another life I'd work for the US Gvmt. When I was a kid, I should admit here and now, I definitely thought NOAA was Noah. It made sense: That dude had been given a lot of responsibility in the Sunday School story. Why not make him in charge of the weather?

I like the three subject areas available under "Key Topics" over there at the AIRNow HQ: "Your Health," "Smoke from Fires," and "International Air Quality."

It remains hot. Hace calor, the kid sang in the Sesame Street song. Could fry an egg on the cement it's so caliente. Hace calor, mucho calor. How 'bout this weather, it sure is hot. Then there was some kind of maraca playing.

The birds are sitting down in the lawns with their beaks open. The dog keeps trying new spots on the wood floor to see if they're cooler than the last. Everything out there seems very still. We're picking up a haze from time to time. The air seems a little iffy. Quality of Air Means Quality of Life. Oh, Gvmt mottoes.

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