Saturday, June 7, 2008

Heat Pump.

8 pm. 90 degrees. Maybe a little more. I think the ANYLF thermometer might be cooked. Hot. So hot. Storms off to our far northwest, but not coming here. A week since it rained. The airport had it at 97 today. The NWS wants it to be 102 tomorrow, 101 Monday. The locals want it to be a little less. This is the earliest I remember it doing this. It's hot. Abidingly so. Certain of the agricultural interests seem to love it: tomatoes, cannas. The livestock not so much: dog, cats and homesteaders all ready for something else. At this point, friends and fans, I might take hail.

Thank god I didn't mow the lawn last week. Y'all out there find something in a glass with ice, OK? OK. Go barefoot. Go shirtless. Stop using hot water in the showers. Sleep under the fan. Hang on.

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