Friday, June 6, 2008

Hot Already.

It was 82 degrees at 9 this morning when I started the first round of watering everything. We haven't had rain since the plague, and it's supposed to be nearly 100 today and tomorrow. We cool back down to 95 by Monday. It's a heat wave. I do have to say, though, that by midnight last night, AMR and I were able to happily sit out on the WeatherDeck and enjoy if not a cool breeze, then at least a breeze. And I've seen much worse here on the Piedmont — it's hot, sure, but it's not that wrung-sponge hot of later summer. It's also only 10 o'clock now. Check back in at 4:15 to see if we're on some kind of suicide watch over here.

I do love the smell and sound of the hose. I do love that quite a bit.

I called my brother in Indiana to ask about hail damage, to explain the plague. It'll all come back, he said. What about the these plants? I said. Yep, he said. What about the those other plants? I said. Those, too, he said. What about? I said. We get it all the time, he said. We've been in the basement twice this week. It'll all come back. If you guys get two or three of those warm days you get, it'll all come back fine. About those warm days, I said. No problem there.

It's all coming back. Even the begonias look pretty good this morning. The little brother delivers the calming benediction. A heat wave comes with it, but for tomatoes I'll take the trade.

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