Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Geraniums, Cannas.

The solstice is coming, and we're just on the back side of a heat wave the likes of which we hadn't seen in several years, but they want us to bottom out in the upper fifties tonight, and so here at ANYLF the entire staff is suffused with a sense of joy and wonder, sort of. It doesn't rain any more (again). We can and should deal with that later in the week. For now, though, the hailed-out geraniums are making a good recovery, the TLK cannas are just starting to bloom, the tomatoes are almost head-high.

Very bad rookie-league baseball debuts in 27215 this evening. The A-League All-Star Game is in 27401, also tonight. The tile gentlemen have come and gone, and they have tiled. We may be headed back toward drought, and Japanese beetles are almost certainly getting ready to show up, to start eating the cannas, but there is this little interim period, this moment when we drop down to 57 degrees overnight, this day where the grout is drying and we can't get back in the bathroom to keep working on it. A pause. Mandatory recreation. A forced leave.

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