Sunday, June 1, 2008

Damage Estimates.

Our disaster scale, from all-but-destroyed to probably salvageable, runs like this: Radishes, begonias, hostas, the tomatoes, some of the ferns, the TLK cannas, the squash, the lettuces, La Vieja's daylilies, our daylilies, the basil, certain of the other herbs, vinca, the other ferns, some of the rhododendrons, petunias, impatiens, hydrangea. I haven't even checked on our okra seedlings, it occurs to me.

It hailed a long, long time. Today there has been something of the sadness around these parts.

Stormy off and on all week, they say, and in the nineties by Tuesday. Hey, July. Perhaps we'll just skip June this year. This is how it goes, though, in the Greater Triad Weatherplex: We do not ever really get our months in order. We sometimes do not get them at all, so I won't say for sure if or when we'll get June. All I can say for sure is that you should go ahead and plant whatever else you've been saving to plant, because there's really not much way we'll see weather like that again. It was like somebody just dumped a cooler out right over the top of us. For half an hour.

Good luck out there with your own agricultural concerns. It's June, even if I say it isn't. Official start of the hurricane season, and we've already had one way down south: Arthur. More to come, of course, boy-girl-boy-girl. Probably we'll have to institute some kind of special tropical segment or something over here at ANYLF. Second only to the live remote in front of the pile of highway salt is the live remote from the soundside Super 8 Motel, wind whipping the parking lot signs, the reporter screaming back to the studio about how just yesterday, Bill, there were sunbathers all up and down these beaches. But today it's a different story. Then they say fury and wrath and Mother Nature.

Our fancies, by the by, are keen, keen, keen on the hailstorm — the locals are splashing graphics up telling us all how we tuned to them first when severe weather struck. And we did, I guess, but I remember it pretty well, and don't really require the reminder.


AMR said...

you forgot about alma, which hit nicaragua. for more info, go to

Drew Perry said...

i believe you are reporting on the pacific hurricane season, which is of course exciting in its own right, but is not the atlantic hurricane season, which spawned tropical storm arthur, which is i think the name of our band, isn't it?