Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's Fall.

Solstice coming. Summer variety. Doesn't matter. Have you been outside today? Have you? Here at ANYLF much and much of the day was spent in the Bathroom Renovation That Will Not No Matter What End, a kind of heat wave in its own right, but the tiny window in there was open, and occasionally I had to go out to the shed for a screwdriver or something, and there are the fifteen or so feet between the back door and the shed that are, in fact, outside, and so. Humidity at something like eleven percent. Headed for the fifties again tonight. Attic fan on. It's September. It's Fall Break, the drive back down out of the mountains and onto the flat part of 421 over by Yadkinville, out of the crisp cool and back into what at that time of year feels like heat but really isn't. It's aggressively pleasant out there. This is the weather that will slow the tomatoes. This is the weather that opens up the windows and doors. This is why to live here instead of somewhere else. Spent last evening with TLK in 27215 at the Burlington Athletic Stadium watching the Rookie League Royals lose their home opener. Beer was $2.75. By the end of the night, pizza was a dollar a slice. There was a breeze. It was the temperature it is now. I wanted for a long-sleeved shirt. That, friends and fans of weather, is weather.

AMR came in from the shed this morning. It's fall, she said. I know she's not right, but she's right. Hey, cool snap.

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