Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot Again.

Hot again, but something's coming. Local fancies and national alike have a shift in the pattern for us, a steep decline all the way into the mid- and upper-80s, and a chance of rain, however slight, every day for a week. This will all change tomorrow, of course, but for now, how pretty does that seven-day look? There's something half-organized finally sliding this way, as opposed to getting trapped and squeezed in the plains. Is that Plains, or plains? Keep it tuned there for folks who know the difference. Tune in here for wild, reckless speculation.

La Vieja's daylilies, however damaged from the plague, have started blooming in earnest. They're that wild orange roadside variety, sort of. They're not fancy half-hybridized genetic crossover mutants. I've got plenty of those in my own yard. La Vieja's are just tall and pretty, twice the volume they were last year, out from under her big beautiful maple and into the sun and loving it. Even at 100 degrees, they're loving it.

There appears to be a severe thunderstorm watch — for this evening — just to our north. I don't know that I believe that part of the forecast. I mean, I can see the yellow quadrahedron or whatever those things are called — rhombus? trapezoid? Help, Mrs. Habersetzer, of North Springs High School 9th grade geometry — and there are indeed storms forming in the mountains, but I'm not sure anything will hang together enough to make it all the way out here onto the flats. The plains. Still, though, friends and fans of weather, the light was different today, that part of it I could see from my window, anyway, a little gauzier, more like something might eventually happen. I'm ready. Give me a midnight storm one night this week. Something to go with morning coffee. Doesn't matter. Just let's break this heat wave, and all this dry. It is 10 June 2008 and we have not seen rain this month. Reporting live from 27408, this is your intrepid reporter with your local forecast.

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