Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This Happens.

Our radar looked like this at about 4:00, with all that mess tracking in from the west-northwest.

The storm down near Statesville was dumping golf-ball-sized hail, said the NWS. The Winston storm seemed to be headed right for us. But all the storms were headed in their own individual directions, it turns out, instead of doing anything organized, and they split to our south and north.

There seems to be a shield of light rain coming in behind everything else, but it may not hold together long enough to matter much. Basic ANYLF 27408 afternoon summer pop-up storm pattern dictum: If it looks like it's coming, it's probably not coming. We spent all last summer watching what few storms there were come right at us and then slide right by. And, anyway, so long as we get rain one of these afternoons, we'll be OK plant-wise. The ground's still plenty wet from Saturday's plague.

It's right now, as we push toward evening, darkening up a little bit. There may be something left out there yet. So far not even enough rain to slick the streets.

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