Sunday, June 22, 2008

Solstice Again.

Last night in 27403, a storm built in from the east, sat on top of JBW and KFW's house, rained for ninety minutes. They had to have gotten an inch of rain minimum. Maybe an inch and a half. Here in 27408, three and a half miles away, we got nothing. Nothing. Drove home through some interstitial fog down in the hollow of Aycock as you come through the university and into what used to be Lake Something before they drained it and built neighborhoods, and when we flatted out into our side of town, it was dry, dry, dry. Classic summer 27408 weather. You can see it raining from here. You just don't get any.

But we got ours today, the day after the solstice, or the day after the day after, depending on who's counting, and who's celebrating, and how. A good downpour for the better part of an hour. A little hail, but not the blood-of-the-lamb-on-the-door sort. Just some. Pea-sized. Briefly. I'm guessing three-quarters of an inch.

Here's something pretty for your brand new summer:

Still rumbly out there. One of my favorite sounds: so long as we get some, I love to hear it over at your place. That radar's a beautiful thing right now. Lots of folks getting lots of rain. Tomorrow'll be a good day to stake your tomatoes out there, Weatherheads. Warm rain and a warm night ought to bring everything right, right along.

Dog's still holding tight to my feet. We may even get a little more before it's all done and said.

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