Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cold And.

Cold. Cold and cold. Not as cold, sure, but cold. Too cold for some of the caulking I've been trying to do to cure up. Too cold for all sorts of other things, too, like for the pansies to take hold, and even though we won't see them, I feel bad, feel like the next 27408ers won't get good pansies until March, at least. Or maybe they'll get our now-regular 70-degree January days and everything will work out fine. We shall see. Or they will, more accurately.

Left the yellow variable spray handle full of water and attached to the end of the hose before I left for NYC. That thing's good and split open now.

Inspection's tomorrow. Surely the inspector will turn up earthquake damage and evidence of an infestation of hippos. Something's bound to be lurking out there. I've been here nearly five years exactly, though, and ain't nothing like that turned up yet, so if we can just hang on...

Oh, hell. Let's us just see. Glue everything down that's not glued down and see what turns up. Vacuum. Finish. Wait.

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