Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Head Cold.

How long does the cold last, I asked my kids yesterday. We thought you liked the cold, they said. I do, I said. I do. I meant the head cold. Oh, they said. Depends. Most of us have had it all semester.


But it is cold, shining knife-edge cold, actual jacket-wearing cold, Nashville cold, smell-of-concrete cold, all-the-last-remaining-flowering-plants-frozen-dead cold, hat-in-the-house cold, cold, cold, cold. These are the first of the last days of 27408 cold for me. We're moving our operation. The transition team is already working to make sure ANYLF can get itself up and running in 27401, where the weather promises to be radically similar to the weather here. We report live from this WeatherDeck until the end of the calendar year, give or take, and then right around or before or on the first, we have to site and set the rain gauge at the new ANYLF Global Operational ForecastCenter. The WeatherPorch. The something. I'm not yet sure. We've got a team working on that, too. We have a lot of teams, a lot of openings for qualified applicants. Prospective interns should please fax a cover letter and a clip of a live stand-up in a hurricane to 1-888-99ANYLF.

Cloudless. Cold. Yesterday, as whatever that was came through, I saw flurries in my driveway. First confirmed snow of the season. Not enough to qualify as a trace, even, but it was there. I saw it. I did.

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