Saturday, November 15, 2008

Winter Light.

Here, friends and fans of weather, is what I hope: I hope you, too, took your coffee on your front porch with your dog in the sixty-five degree breeze. I hope you raked and swept and then watched your good work get blown around the yard. I hope you enjoyed what was a classic, classic southern November day out in front of a week that promises 40s and 20s. Carolina fall: all of the possible weathers, all at once. An inch of rain yesterday. Hard freeze several times the rest of the week. That'll do it for the cannas, the hydrangeas, the other hangers-on.

Driving down Holden and Aycock this afternoon with our exploded winter sky sliding across us, I remembered one reason why I like this season so much: we don't see light like this, clouds like that, except for three or four days each year, right around this time. Maybe a little bit in late January. Maybe. Cold tomorrow. That's good, too. I hope you got out today, hope you'll bundle up and get out there tomorrow, too. Hey, fall. Hey, winter. We had no power all afternoon, and I came home to a house full of candles. Feels like right now damn near everything that happens fits on about exactly right.

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