Monday, November 3, 2008

Hey, November.

Yeah, Carolina November. Gray. Abidingly gray. Maples turning or finished. Oaks just starting. Slightly warmer out there than you'd think it would be. Trash trucks all in the neighborhood. Crows in the trees last night.

Most of the rain looks to be well off to our south and east, wrapped around some kind of coastal situation that seems to be pretty well soaking Wilmington and parts similar. We ourselves look to be good candidates for a showery half-inch over the next day or three. We'll probably hold in this half-warm that's no real kind of temperature at all, not warm enough to open the doors and windows, not cool enough to kick the furnace on. I'll take it. I like the parenthetical, the in-between. It's good to be back, friends and fans of weather. Or of whatever this is we're getting today.

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