Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tiny Forecasts.

ANYLF has had a strange six weeks. The weather got lost in all that. That is not a good thing. You don't want to be not knowing what's going on outside. Back to the reason for doing this, then: small-bore noticings having to do with place and temperature.

570 miles up to Binghamton and 570 back home to 27408. Friday up and Sunday back. Oaks at high yellow peak up in the higher parts of I-81 through West Virginia and Virginia. Clouds of blackbirds or starlings or whatever it is that shows up this time of year and blows out of the tops of trees in expanding and contracting breaths by the several hundreds or thousands. Chilly, but not cold. Frost on the trunk of the rental car this morning outside the La Quinta Inn in Johnson City, NY. There are three cities all mashed together up there: Johnson City, Binghamton, and something else. Two or three rivers, too. Fog Saturday morning. That odd fall green was out all over the place, the fescue having one last cool-weather go at it and leaves all over all the yards.

I am a deeply weary boy. It's been a beautiful fall, though, and someone ought to be saying so. So.

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