Friday, November 14, 2008

Good Cause.

Turns out today should have been the chili day. Have you been outside today? I have been outside. It is not fit for man nor beast, except that it totally fits. I love days like this. Always have. Somehow I'm reminded of watching the Jerry Lewis telethon with my folks back in the days before cable TV. In my memory, the weather is always like this, even though I think that thing happens in either the early fall or late spring. Still. It's chilly and rainy and I'm sitting with my parents and it's one in the morning and I'm allowed to stay up late and we've been watching all day, all however many hours, and Jerry's got his tie undone and the tote board finally goes over forty million dollars, and Jerry cries, and my parents cry, and I cry because they cry, and the weather's been like this all day and night and it's still raining. That's the sort of weather we're having today, friends and fans of weather. Telethon weather.

Raining like it means to here in 27244, and it was when I left 27408, too. Spent the morning standing in the rain, scrubbing the WeatherDeck with a stiff-bristled brush. Just flew in from Cleveland, and boy are my arms tired. And my back. And the inside of my head.

Raining. Raining, raining. Dark. I love it.

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