Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cold As.

OK: Colder here than in NYC, or cold as. There's that brittleness in the air. I have more to say about the weather, but for now a wee prayer: Came back from 10019 and had lunch in 2740something with AMR and we were driving back down Friendly toward the new digs in 27401, just to give 'em a look-see, and this huge white dog, loosed accidentally from his house right there on Friendly, comes barreling down the sidewalk and then across Friendly and AMR gets the car stopped and somehow I'm on foot across Friendly and then down Green Valley past all the medical whatnot and then across Benjamin, waving down traffic, and then through Kiser and Grimsley and whatever the hell that elementary school is up there, and then across Westover and down into that neighborhood with Pamlico and Twykenham and whatever all else and the dude who owned Buck was running all that with me and screaming and screaming Buck ! Buck! and I was also screaming Buck! Buck! and Buck did not once come back, though he looked over his shoulder a few times. Dude and I kept trying to cut Buck off, triangulate, do something, but at one point as I was crossing somebody's fenced back yard I got turned around or missed my shortcut or something and then I lost dude and Buck, and after however many miles I was laid out and I sat down on the curb and listened for dude yelling or for leaves crunching underfoot of a big white dog or something, but there was nothing but leafblowers. So: Big white dog, may you be found and sleeping inside that house on Friendly tonight. Come back, Buck, goddamnit.

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