Sunday, November 9, 2008

Leaf Trucks?

Something blew in. The light got all odd right around lunchtime and then some clouds pulled through and now it's chilly and brisk and nearly November again, though not quite entirely November. This is still much more like an early-season cool snap than November. But it's hat weather again, so one shouldn't complain.

It was apparently Official Leafblowing Day here on North Elam, but we missed the memo and instead spent the day elbow-deep in caulk and dust. If the trucks come through tomorrow I'm just going to stand there and watch them suck up everybody else's leaves and think about what could have been. I'm beat down and tired and spending a good deal of time thinking about place, thinking about this writing shed, thinking about the next one. We have, apparently, signed on to a new writing shed. I like the idea of it, like the physical actual thing, even. I like all of it. There's this, though: I like this one, too.

Maybe I'll pull a floorboard out of this one and take it over there to the new one. For luck.

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