Saturday, November 29, 2008

Late November.

Some good rain off to our south, and some of that's forecast to slide northward this evening and overnight, but for now what we've got is this kind of low haze thing that, at least from the ForecastCenter here at 1303, seems to be centered right about two-thirds of the way towards the fence in the backyard. This is the kind of day where you're not sure there are houses beyond the ones you can see. There's no fog, really, but everything seems covered up, snugged in. Everything's shaded gray. The grass, the red car next door, the leafless crepe myrtle over at Phil's. Almost cold. Almost raining. I haven't left the house yet. I might not. Maybe I'll make soup out of whatever there is in the fridge. Maybe I'll go back to bed. Maybe I'll just sit here on the couch until it's time to take a shower and see what's for dinner.

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