Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cats Porched.

Done. Finished. Mission accomplished. The door doesn't close just right just yet, but that'll give me something to chew on evenings this week when I myself am porched. Our Sunday spreads in front of us blank and wide and open, with the only thing that has to happen being a lawnmowing. Friday's storm and yesterday's oddly, oddly timed midday mini-storm have left the lawn a step or six ahead of where it needs to be. Send me out there, then, with our rickety rock-damaged mower. Just not quite now. Maybe a little later on. Some time. At some point. Perhaps this evening.

Do I have the itch to chop-saw something else? To walk out back and pull the paneling off the walls and the ceiling down from overhead and plunge whole hog into the outbuilding renovation? I do. Do I also have the desire to pawn said chop saw and buy as many ice cream cones as the proceeds might allow? Well, there's that, too.

A funny thing happened mid-afternoon yesterday, once that little storm had bubbled up from basically nowhere and rained for twenty minutes and ratcheted the humidity up to something close to underwater. We landed AMR's old beat-up pine table on the south-facing vista of the 4'x11' chat chateau, and then we stuck a chair in front of it, and something about that table and chair in those dimensions just seemed right, seemed snug in the correct way, seemed situated—which means, I think, back to the quadrille paper and the pens and the walking lap after lap out back. Back to—or maybe just for the first true time to—a real consideration of what the renovated outbuilding might ought to look like. Maybe something a little more than just a redone rectangle. Maybe I need some nooks out there. Maybe I need something like a 4'x11' something. I don't know. And it doesn't matter, yet: current plans call for a renovation of a different sort, an ass-in-chair-whether-situated-or-not-sort, a writing-of-new-pages-finally-goddamnit kind of deal from here until the end of August. Easy enough to get up from the difficult paragraph and go to the big-box to buy 2x4s. Time, just maybe, to lean away from that crutch for a while.

Heat creeping up and building in. June almost spent. Chance of storms tonight. The ten-day looks like we might need it in order to get through the dry that could be coming. Glads just starting to bloom, here and everywhere else in town. Summer. Summer for sure.

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