Thursday, June 25, 2009

Floor Painted.

But it's quite dark out there, so pictures will have to follow tomorrow. Those of you breathlessly following updates at the newly minted 709 1/2 will have to wait until then. I'll say this, though: the door's hung, the trim's trimmed, and the floor, once it has one more coat of paint, will be painted. Which leaves only the cutting of the cat-sized hole through the side of 709. Those fuzzy fat fuckers better goddamn like their new poopagazeatorium, is all I have to say. Photos of said fuckers, if the day goes well tomorrow, may indeed feature here at ANYLF. If all goes badly tomorrow, then photos of this fucker cutting his own head off with a Skil saw will appear in this here space.

Weather: the fancies seem to think we have a slow to medium chance of seeing some. Check the tarps on those lawnmowers out there, people. A front's coming through. The nature of the front: tomorrow, it's supposed to be 89. Post-front: 91. Hold on to your barometers.

Starting to get where I can sort of sniff July.

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