Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Ends.

So it's quit raining. So your crops are now for the first time all season thirsty and in need of actual attention. So the lawn looks crispy. So the pots are so dry you could build with the soil in there. Still:

There's something distinctly un-Piedmont-like about what we have going these last couple days, which is to say, and to quote TLK, marveling this evening in Burlington at the weather and the Rookie League baseball: Four days ago it was a hundred thousand degrees. Now it's nice.

Hey, the Burlington Royals. Hey, new 2009 Burlington Royals cap. Hey, 10-3 win, errors and stolen bases everywhere. Hey, low in the low sixties. Hey, end of June. Hey, all that rain from (way) back when. See you all in July.

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