Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Post Holes.

Construction on the cat porch has begun. If one was in real estate, or historic preservation, or in public relations, or if one was even medium-sane, one would call it a potting shed. But it is a cat porch.

The plan—and this, friends and fans of balloon construction, is a revolution—is as follows: Build the floor, frame out the walls, glue a roof to it, screen it in. Then? Cut a hole in the wall of the house and send the cats on through.

Will there be photographs?

Oh, yes. But will there still be weather?

There will always, always, be weather. We may even get some here today. Keep an eye out those west- and north-facing windows, my pretties. If you have bags of cement, cover them. If you have litter boxes, build some sort of monstrosity in which to house them. See how it all works out?

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