Thursday, June 11, 2009

No Baseball.

I don't know if they called the Grasshoppers game or not, but neither TLK nor I were up for a Thirsty Thursday as severe as this one, even though the severity seems upon inspection to be not so severe. Oh, we're getting storms, but they're not even last night's storms. This is just a little wind and rain. It may get a smidge worse here in the next half an hour or so, but for the second night running it appears we get, agricultural-interests-wise, most of the good and little of the bad.

No cat porch progress. No progress on much of anything save for one morning page written out in the moldering shed. But that is a written page, friends and fans of incremental success, and there is now a wee storm, and there is also now an ANYLF-copyrighted Summertini (gin, lime, Pellegrino to top off a low rocks glass) to ease the day's difficulties, which were difficult, but maybe not as difficult as they originally seemed.

Looks like by 10 p.m. we'll be in the clear. Sleep tight out there, weatherers. See you anon.

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