Friday, June 26, 2009

Easy Rain.

Wired for sound. Hole through the wall. Cats out-of-doors on the morrow.

And we picked up a wee storm. TLK reports a storm something more than wee southward, so hang on down there, Groveward and Marionward. Or: hope you hung on. Here it was just a third of an inch or so, and not much wind. Heavy rain, but not much wind. And we were mainly cloud-to-cloud, lightning-wise, but once it slid south—like once it made College Hill and slid on—you could hear things change.

I sat on the porch and told AMR that it felt like the kind of thing we used to get, back before it rained, back in the early aughts, wherein it would rain everywhere but here. Where you could hear it raining somewhere else. Where it would set up just west or north but then fade out right upon getting herewards. But then the dog snugged up all close and got the long mouth, and then it sure and sure did rain. Pretty little thing, too. Smelled like Florida.

You know what? I confess to not knowing what the forecast is for tomorrow. If I had to guess, I'd say lower chance of showers, but not nil. The wind has shifted, though, and it's a little drier and cooler. A little. There may yet be sitting on the porch tonight. There may be coffee out there tomorrow.


Kathryn Frances Walker said...

groveward reports wind. heavy wind. watched the transformer blow, saw it with my eyes. the air was orange/pink, tornado aura. i actually was scared. with severn who was practically in my lap. even buddy black hid under the desk and nothing stops him. the same neighbors who lost power already twice this month lost it again. our peppers look sad.

Drew Perry said...

shit and damn, kfw. hope your crops wake up tomorrow well recovered. hope your porch furniture remained grounded. hope you and all the animals came through unscathed.

hope also you and jbw might stop by soon for this fancy basil pineapple tequila situation i learned from the interwebs.