Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Porch Floor.

But more importantly:

That was in the mid-eight-o'clock hour. We're not in the weeds yet, but just north and west of here there seems to be nearly continuous lightning. The NWS says penny-sized hail. The dog was deeply unhappy that she and I were spending any time at all tying up the tomatoes out in front of all of this. She was endlessly down off the deck to let me know there was trouble, and then endlessly back up onto the deck every time the trouble could be heard. There was violence out east of us last night near midnight. There is violence out west now, and it could well be coming our way. Or we could get the sunset clause invoked and have all the heat emptied out of this thing right before it gets here. Or we could get some kind of less-exciting situation, ANYLF-wise, anyway, wherein we get a thunderstorm, but it is just a thunderstorm, a good half-inch and maybe some close lightning but no hail and no flood. In fact, sign us up here at 709 for a storm of the less-exciting variety. We could use just a good rumbly rain.

Current conditions: Nice light rain, less-frequent lightning.

Current cat porch conditions:

Only: In the interest of integrities both journalistic and meteorological, you should probably imagine it, if you're going to imagine it how it is currently, darker and damper.

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