Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Rain.

If I had to guess—it's raining a little too hard to go check the gauge—I'd say another inch. And more coming. This is some rain, friends and fans of the sound of this sort of thing through your just-open windows. Don't open them too far for fear of water on the floors, but if you can sleep—if you can lie down without worrying too much about how much water's in your basement, your outbuilding, your garden front or back—then this is windows-cracked weather. This is the kind of night where, if one was so inclined, and if one was able, one could sleep the sleep of the just.

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Kathryn Frances Walker said...

did you know Greensboro gets more rain (yearly) than Seattle and Portland? also: i have now subscribed to your posts in my google reader which i did before and then they stopped coming for some reason but i didn't notice (just typed knotice) because it was one of those anti-interwebs phases. when i returned and checked google reader i had some 437 unread items. which is to say i hadn't realized my subscription had been unsubscribed. all said i know you don't care because you just do this to keep the gears oiled but i like gears anyhow. um, it's raining AGAIN.