Monday, June 8, 2009


AMR reports today: Hot. It was hot. It was bright. It didn't rain.

I missed all of that in the throes of one more draft, one last copy-edit. Hey, book. I wore my pajama pants until almost 6 pm. I think I remember it being hot and/or bright, but I think I also remember a couple hours of haze sometime midafternoon, which means AMR's reportage may not be quite Peabody-worthy yet, but let's just go with our man on the ground, as it were, and say it was hot today. And bright. Let's hang that same forecast up on the big board for tomorrow, with maybe a medium chance of storms.

Mashed fresh potatoes. Steamed fresh broccoli. Even if you missed the whole day, it was still summer at dinnertime.

Is copy-edit hyphenated? Is dinnertime a word?

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