Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Door Fits.

The ANYLF staff, in light of recent events, feels the need to come clean. We truly thought we'd invented the Summertini—gin, lime, Pellegrino, ice—but it turns out that the Summertini may be nothing more than a Rickey sitting in a glass next to a weather blog. Still perfect, though, after a long afternoon of catporcherĂ­a.

A day of mild success: got the trim trimmed, and the door fits the hole. No hinges on that thing yet, but the cattery seems damn near ready for cats.

In other weather news, there is no weather news. Sometimes there are clouds. We're near a week since rain. It's medium hot, but not ungodly hot. It's slightly breezy, but not windy. The sky is blue, but not so blue you'd want to mention it. The late evenings are of late OK for dogwalks. The summer is just now barely starting to get itself underway.

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